Squirrel Removal and Control


Squirrels are typically classified as a bug varieties due to their practices of residing in houses. The most usual grievances include the following:

Squirrels residing in the attic room
Squirrels residing in the smokeshaft
Squirrels chewing on woodwork
Squirrels taking bird seed
Loosened squirrel stuck inside home
For these reasons, many individuals want to have this annoyance animal trapped and removed.

Considering that it’s a really usual issue, I wrote a suggestions article on exactly how to get squirrels out of the attic room with photographs and step-by action instructions.


(Sciurus carolinensis) Squirrels are typically grey, in some cases red, brownish, or black. Adults balance about one extra pound in weight. They can apparently live for approximately ten years, but life span in the wild probably isn’t greater than 3-4 years. Squirrels give birth to two litters each year – one in late summer, and one in winter months. The female brings to life 3-4 young after a 44 day pregnancy, and the young grow rapidly, and are weaned in about 10 weeks. Find out more about what to do with orphaned squirrels.


Squirrels are most energetic in early morning and evening. Squirrels consume primarily nuts and seeds. They stay in a selection of environments, both woodland and suburban or city locations. They establish home areas, and usually interact through scent, chattering, and flickering of the cosy tail.


Squirrels love to stay in attic rooms. They likewise love to eat, and will eat on houses or cables, air ducts, pipelines once inside an attic room. People do not such as the noises of squirrels running about above the ceiling or in the eaves, but it’s really the chewing that’s a trouble. If squirrels eat on electric cables in an attic room, it can develop a real potential fire threat. Squirrels likewise bring in nesting product and leave pee and feces in an attic room. They likewise commonly nest in a smokeshaft, where they can in some cases get stuck and desperately scratch, or in some cases also enter into the fire place and inside your house. You can read this page, or my advanced ten-step overview on my How to Get Rid of Squirrels page.


No real important conditions, though they do carry parasites, and therefore are vectors for the conditions that fleas, ticks, etc can transmit. They likewise leave a great deal of droppings, which position the normal excrement health risks, such as leptospirosis or Salmonella. Go here for photos of squirrel poop or check out the overview A List of Squirrel-Borne Diseases


If it’s simply squirrels on the building, the very best bet is capturing and elimination. If it’s squirrels in the attic room, then all of the open openings and prone locations where they can get in need to be sealed closed with a product that squirrels can’t eat through, such as steel. The squirrels can then be trapped and removed, or left out through using one-way exclusion doors and tunnels.

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